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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To be the best construction supply company in Eastern Washington.

We listen to our customers and improve our products and services to meet their present and future needs.

Our success depends upon high-performing people working together in a safe and fun workplace where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognized.

We expect superior performance and are accountable for our actions and results. Our leaders set clear goals and expectations, are supportive, and provide and seek frequent feedback.

We support the communities where we do business, hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and communicate openly.

Financial Responsibility
We are prudent and effective in the use of the resources entrusted to us.

Our facilities, equipment, and our people always present a professional image. Our facilities and equipment are always safe, clean and well organized.


Bring exceptional value to our customers.


  1. Provide top quality products and value added servicesthat financially benefit our customers.
  2. Provide customer services and products in a very cost effective manor such that we can provide these things at a reasonable profit while remaining extremely competitive in the market place and at lower cost than the customer can.
  3. Provide exceptional technical expertise to our customers.
  4. Continually seek out products and services that would be of significant value to our current or future customers and bring them to the market place as a collaberative effort with our customers.
  5. Be customer driven in all our decision making processes. What is best for our customers must be considered in all decisions.
  6. Listen to our customers carefully and regularly in both informal and formal settings.

Vision 2

People working together as one company for industry leadership.


  1. People are the most important resource in our company and need to be recognized and developed as such.
  2. We need to reinforce a strong work ethic that recognizes disciplined and focused effort is essential to success of our customers, ourselves, and our company.
  3. Collaberation must become an essential part of all company processes because the organization is simply too large for any one person to operate effectively without the willing cooperation of those they work with.
  4. This is one company and we all have a shared destiny.
  5. This is a company which must be cohesive , inclusive and joined by a common purpose for us to succeed.
  6. We are in the construction supply industry and that is our identity and our purpose.
  7. We must be leaders in our industry to shape our industry's , our company's and our personal destiny. We are here to lead, to be the best and nothing less.

Vision 3

Perpetuate Western Materials as a healthy and dynamic organization.


  1. Provide for the physical, emotional and professional health of our team.
  2. Be, and be perceived as, clearly the quality material supplier in Eastern Washington
  3. Ensure the continual financial strength of Western Materials
  4. Recruit and develop exceptional individuals for our team
  5. Continue to actively seek out opportinities for long tem profitable growth
  6. Aggressively seek out industry best practices nation-wide and implement them on a continuing basis